Safety for all occupation

Permanent pressure on the kees appears in a lot of professions. Roofers, tilers, gardeners, interior decorators, carpenters amd especially paviours and miners work mainly on their knees.This high spot pressure on the kneecaps causes many and diverse health damages. Arthrosis, synovial bursa inflammation and meniscus injuries. A knee joint arthrosis appears 13 times more often at a permanently strained knee than at a not permanently strained one. (See: Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz development report No. 362 of H. Greinemann, Dortmund 1983).
Frequently an ecomomical measurable loss of power and ability to work is the consequence. I.e. 85,4% occupational diseases of paviours are based on chronically synovial bursa inflammation caused by permanently pressure on the keecap (See: Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz development report No. 248 1980). Due to illness loss of working strain the company financially and in its schedule. Knee pads decrease the risk of injuries by knee bruises, haematomas and abrasions considerable.

On a long term basis they protect the workers knees from chronically diseases and signs of wear and tear that can cause incapacity to follow one´s profession. A perfectly manufactured and especially for each branche developed knee pad increase workers efficiency by allowing to work kneeling comfortable and painless.

Workers often prefer to squat down than to work in a kneeling position. But from the medical point of view this is no alternative to a knee protection because of the overstretching of the ligament. The supporting surface and the soft embedding of the knee allocate the pressure regularly to knee cap and knee joint. This means a decreased risk of ruining the knee. To protect the workers knees is an important economical cause in your company.

For decades it is the object of our efforts to develop the optimal knee pad for the different branches and strains.


Kniegelenk (im Schnitt)

Knee joint (inner view)


thigh boe (femur)


joint capsule skin


joint gaps


kneecap (patella)








subcutaneous fat (dark red: joint cartilage; light red: muscles)

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